Because there is much more than just skiing …

Pelvoux Babytraineau Apres SkiAprès-ski with family in Pelvoux is a time to share unforgettable moments: dog-sledding, sledging and even a bit of ice-skating – amongst the many activities to discover in Vallouise!


Dedicated sledging area at the snow front, where all can gather to enjoy the fun of sliding down the slope; closes at 20h00.
Attention! Sledging is not allowed on the ski slopes


Come and break the ice at the frozen icefall near the Claux tunnel (depending on ice conditions).

Sled Dogs

You can discover Vallouise’s beautiful unspoilt landscape whilst doing this fun activity with family or friends:
Sled initiation/outing, get to know the dogs, agility circuit, dog hiking, how to drive a sled … lots of possibilities.
An unforgettable experience for both young and adults.


Can be done individually or accompanied by a monitor. The take-off area (2200 m) has free access, the landing area (1250 m) is regularly maintained.

Natural skating rink

The ideal activity to finish a busy day, put on your skates and glide around on our natural, outdoor ice rink on the Essarts plateau (depending on weather conditions!). With family or friends. At the bottom of the slopes at Pelvoux 1250 m. Activities organised.

Museographic area at Claux

From ice to light – the museum space at Claux, Pelvoux, found above the electricity production plant which has been in service since 1932, shows you the great hydroelectric venture in the Pays des Écrins; from ice to light, but also from its birth in the mind of a visionary, to its installation on a regional level. 

An enjoyable outing that both children and adults will enjoy.